Basic Outsourcing (BO) Model

Business Outsourcing Model has become the most sought after outsourcing model, the reason being it’s cost effectiveness. This model enables organizations to focus on their core competencies and business strengths.

This model supports business with ongoing requirements for Architectural and Engineering CAD Services. In this model, we work on project or hourly basis.

BO Model

This model is tailored keeping in mind the exact requirement of our clients in US, UK, Canada as well as other parts of the world. Our clients can also opt for man month model where we employ staffs who dedicatedly work on our client’s project only. CAD Drafting India charges a predetermined amount on monthly basis for the staff who works for the client exclusively.

Advantages of Basic Outsourcing (BO) Model are

  • Cost Optimization up to 40 – 60 %
  • Smooth operational functioning
  • Optimum Skill and talent Utilization
  • 24 x 7 presence
  • Focus on core competencies