Build Transfer Operate (BTO) Model

BTO is a ground-breaking business model which offers you service beyond the limitations of geographical boundaries. CAD Drafting India believes in providing high precision and time bound service to our clients based in UK, US, Canada, Middle East, Australia and many countries across the world. This business model helps us build your business using our production facility, our manpower and we manage operations on your behalf known as Build Transfer Operate (BTO) Model.

Build Transfer Operate – BTO is a model where, we build your business, transfer it to you and is operated by us on your behalf. This model gives our clients a chance to develop and expand their business, working under our management and administration in India.

In this model,

  • Dedicated team working on your projects at our production facility
  • This team works on our payroll for a decided period of time and then they will work on your payroll
  • We will be assisting you in all operational and administrative services however you will have complete right to intervene in operational decision making
  • Employees can be called offshore for training depending on the project requirements of clients

Graphical representation of BTO model

Build Transfer Operate Model

Advantages of BTO Model

  • Cost effective
  • Utilization of Manpower and Infrastructure
  • Focus on Core Competencies and other developmental activities of the Organization
  • Ownership of Production Facility. This ownership is without any risk and the client does not have to face legal procedures pertaining to owning you can own your production facility working in other country.