Electrical Design Services

CAD Drafting India excels in delivering high Quality Electrical Drafting and Design Services at cost effective prices to numerous clients in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Middle East and so forth

Electrical Drafting and Detailing Services

  • Control panel layouts
  • SCADA interface diagrams
  • Cable and Wiring diagrams
  • Lighting layouts
  • Power Layouts ,Power Equipments, Luminaries, Devices counts
  • Electrical Schematic diagrams
  • General substation site layouts, Layout plan and arrangements, Transformer arrangements etc.
  • Single line diagrams

Electrical Design Services

We provide the following Designing services in Electrical Field

Electrical Designing for Building Services and Power Distribution Systems

  • Design of Lighting System, transformer size.
  • Switchgear Designing and Sizing
  • Lighting distribution panel and panel designing
  • Lux Calculations
  • Light Fixture Layout Designing, Load Estimations
  • Total Power Requirements Calculations
  • Line Diagram for Distribution Systems

Design of Fire Protection System

  • Fire Detectors and Panel layouts
  • Device and Panel Schedule, Electrical Riser Diagrams
  • Substation Designing
  • Control diagram for Main Panels and Remote Panels
  • Designing of Circuits and other equipments
  • Documentations


  • General Site Layout
  • General Arrangement for Power and Auxiliary Transformer
  • Switchgear Layout Plan

Single Line Diagram and Calculations

  • Single Line Diagram with Relaying & Metering
  • Overall Single Line Diagram
  • AC Supply/DC Single Line Diagram
  • Sub Dist. Board Single Line Diagrama
  • AC Load (ST T/F) Calculation
  • MV / LV Cable Sizing Calculations
  • Grounding Calculations
  • Battery & Charger Calculations
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Protection, Metering, Control, Signaling & Synchronizing

  • In / Out Signal List
  • Interconnection Diagrams ( For Each Panel, Cabinet & Equipment)
  • Control, metering and SCADA interface principle diagrams.
  • Cable Feeder Bay, Transformer Bay, Bus Sectionaliser Bay, Bus Coupler Bay, Auxiliary Transformer Bay, Shunt Capacitor Bay and AC/DC Distribution Schematic Diagram
  • Interlocking Logic Diagrams
  • Typical Protection Logic Diagrams
  • Remote Ends Modification and Interfacing with Existing System
  • HV,MV,LV Power and Control Cable Schedule


  • Cable Routing Plan & Section-Basement
  • Control Room Cable Routing-Plan
  • Wall and Floor Openings in Control Building

Grounding & Lightning Protection

  • Ground Grid Layout
  • Grounding Details
  • Lightning Protection Layout & Details- Substation Building

Low Voltage Services

  • Substation Building Lighting & Small Power Layout
  • Outdoor Lighting & Small Power Layout
  • Telephone System Layout

Transmission Line Designing and Documentations

  • Design Basic on limit load concept
  • Grounding calculation
  • Tower geometry on base of electrical clearances
  • Basic Design of route length with help of survey map
  • Short circuit calculation
  • Protection scheme
  • Relay setting on both side of substation
  • Sag tension calculation
  • Finalization of tower co-ordinate
  • Load flow analysis