Confidentiality and Security

At our well developed office in India, we comprise of a very rigorous security system where we take maximum care to maintain confidentiality of our client’s information and data.

Below are the steps we take for security to ensure confidentiality

Security - Corporate Level

  • We sign a Contract and Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for our clients before initiating a project.
  • On completion of a project and once we receive an approval by the client, we purge all the data / information. We can also propel the data to the clients location
  • Any unauthorized access is prohibited in the production facility

Security - Employee Level

  • We ensure that all of our Production and Marketing staff signs a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Staff members cannot divulge any data or information directly or indirectly for any other purposes during his employment or post employment
  • Each employee is given limited access to project or client information depending on job allocation of a particular project
  • Critical information / data are kept with Project Managers or Head of Department only
  • Every system is password protected with stringent monitoring systems for incoming and outgoing emails, along with security systems to restrict tampering and misuse of client’s data