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CAD Drafting India provides highly creative and photorealistic 3D Rendering Services to architectural firms, builders, real estate companies etc. We have a vast client base in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia with a prerequisite of exhaustive Architectural Rendering Services apart from CAD and BIM requirements.

3D Visualization is extremely important for the end client to visualize look and feel of how exteriors, interiors or landscape of a residential or commercial construction would look like. The materials, landscape, façade, roof and other entities will exactly resemble the way it will appear post completion of construction. The photorealism effect achieved during the rendering process makes it look attractive and picturesque compared to simple 3D modeling. Rendering Services are very highly availed by team of marketing and branding experts in this industry.

We have a team of architects and 3D visualizers working towards transforming client imagination into full blown photorealistic and high resolution images to clients. We provide the following 3D Visualization Services.

3D Rendering deliverables:

Exterior Rendering Services (Day and Night Views)

3D Interior Rendering Services (Day and Night Views)

3D Floor Plans



3D Walkthrough Services

Bedroom Rendering
Living Room Rendering

What’s New?

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality basically creates a typical and artificial environment with an intent to provide with virtual experience of walking through interiors and exteriors of a single family home, residence, apartment etc. without being present. Architects and 3D visualizers render it and create an immersive environment providing the user a feeling of being present within the arena while navigating through the space virtually.

Augmented Reality provides a real world environment by integrating the real time experience, environment with digital information. Lot of entities and additional information is overlaid to give users a real time experience. Augmented Reality is widely used in construction industry by contractors, BIM engineers to overlay the 3D model in a real time scenario.

Virtual Reality

  • Artificial and Immersive Environment
  • VR is 3/4th virtual
  • VR needs specific gadget to review
  • Fiction

Augmented Reality

  • Real time environment synced with digitization
  • AR is 1/4th virtual
  • AR does not need specific gadgets
  • Real time

We are one of the preferred 3D Rendering Company due to our all-encompassing experience of working on multiple building types:

Residential (Apartments, Single family home

Hotel and Resorts

Parks, Stadium and Landscape

Heritage sites, church

Commercial buildings

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