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CAD Drafting India has diversified successfully into Revit Drafting Services, beholding the popularity and steep growth seen in the virtual Construction Arena. There is a constant demand for BIM Services by construction companies due to the collaborative nature, lowered construction cost and swift progress. Many countries including United Kingdom have made BIM Support mandatory during construction.

We have garnered a reputation of being one of the finest BIM Companies with an experience of executing over 5000+ projects. We extensively work on 3D BIM Modeling Services that comprises of BIM Coordination and Clash Detection, 4D Sequencing, 5D BIM etc. We have a team of experienced and skilled BIM architects and engineers, with a proven track record of handling complex and highly detailed projects for USA, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia.

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What’s New?

4D and 5D BIM

4D sequencing (TIME) and 5D BIM (COST) add up as the 4th and 5th dimensions in Building Information Modeling. We can link the real time construction schedule or time with the 3D BIM model using Navisworks. This sequencing helps stake holders and contractors to forecast actual construction time line, conflicts or collision prior to actual onsite construction. 5D BIM typically allows to get the overall costing and budget of the entire project. We can add the costs to the 3D model and generate the total costing giving us an idea of where we have gone beyond budget, where we can save money, bifurcation of labour costs and other costs.

Usually 4D sequencing is done using Navisworks with Revit model as the base. Costing is usually done using certain project management software like Primavera.


  • Building Information Modeling tool
  • Can edit models in Revit
  • Only basic interference checks possible


  • Design Review Tool
  • Cannot edit or work on models
  • Complete end to end clash detection and reports possible

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