MEP Services

CAD Drafting India excels in offering high precision HVAC Drafting and HVAC Detailing Services

  • Specialize in creating Coordination drawings in HVAC
  • Create Piping Layouts
  • Preparing Layouts and schedules for all kind of HVAC Equipments
  • Prepare HVAC Shop drawings
  • Detailing of ductless split systems, roof top units, Schematic drawings, control drawings, schedules and legends of heating systems, window units, etc
  • Detailing Schematics, control diagrams, details, schedules and legends of cooling systems such Equipment
  • Duct Layout drawings along with the layouts of accessories such as diffuser, dampers, grills etc.

HVAC Design Services

We provide the following HVAC Design Services and specialize in the following

  • Heat Load calculation as per ASHRAE Standards
  • Piping Design
  • Duct Designing and Calculations
  • Scheduling Equipments
  • Selection of Equipments(HVAC)

Electrical Drafting and Detailing Services

  • Control panel layouts
  • SCADA interface diagrams
  • Cable and Wiring diagrams
  • Lighting layouts
  • Power Layouts ,Power Equipments, Luminaries, Devices counts
  • Electrical Schematic diagrams
  • General substation site layouts, Layout plan and arrangements, Transformer arrangements etc.
  • Single line diagrams

Electrical Design Services

We provide the following Designing services in Electrical Field

Electrical Designing for Building Services and Power Distribution Systems

  • Design of Lighting System, transformer size.
  • Switchgear Designing and Sizing
  • Lighting distribution panel and panel designing
  • Lux Calculations
  • Light Fixture Layout Designing, Load Estimations
  • Total Power Requirements Calculations
  • Line Diagram for Distribution Systems

Design of Fire Protection System

  • Fire Detectors and Panel layouts
  • Device and Panel Schedule, Electrical Riser Diagrams
  • Substation Designing
  • Control diagram for Main Panels and Remote Panels
  • Designing of Circuits and other equipments
  • Documentations


  • General Site Layout
  • General Arrangement for Power and Auxiliary Transformer
  • Switchgear Layout Plan

Single Line Diagram and Calculations

  • Single Line Diagram with Relaying and Metering
  • Overall Single Line Diagram
  • AC Supply/DC Single Line Diagram
  • Sub Dist. Board Single Line Diagrama
  • AC Load (ST T/F) Calculation
  • MV / LV Cable Sizing Calculations
  • Grounding Calculations
  • Battery and Charger Calculations
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Protection, Metering, Control, Signaling and Synchronizing

  • In / Out Signal List
  • Interconnection Diagrams ( For Each Panel, Cabinet and Equipment)
  • Control, metering and SCADA interface principle diagrams.
  • Cable Feeder Bay, Transformer Bay, Bus Sectionaliser Bay, Bus Coupler Bay, Auxiliary Transformer Bay, Shunt Capacitor Bay and AC/DC Distribution Schematic Diagram
  • Interlocking Logic Diagrams
  • Typical Protection Logic Diagrams
  • Remote Ends Modification and Interfacing with Existing System
  • HV,MV,LV Power and Control Cable Schedule


  • Cable Routing Plan and Section-Basement
  • Control Room Cable Routing-Plan
  • Wall and Floor Openings in Control Building

Grounding and Lightning Protection

  • Ground Grid Layout
  • Grounding Details
  • Lightning Protection Layout and Details- Substation Building

Low Voltage Services

  • Substation Building Lighting and Small Power Layout
  • Outdoor Lighting and Small Power Layout
  • Telephone System Layout

Transmission Line Designing and Documentations

  • Design Basic on limit load concept
  • Grounding calculation
  • Tower geometry on base of electrical clearances
  • Basic Design of route length with help of survey map
  • Short circuit calculation
  • Protection scheme
  • Relay setting on both side of substation
  • Sag tension calculation
  • Finalization of tower co-ordinate
  • Load flow analysis

Plumbing Drafting and Detailing Services

CAD Drafting India provides the following Plumbing Detailing and Drafting services:

  • Storm Water System layouts
  • Riser Diagrams
  • Domestic Cold and Hot Water System layouts
  • Waste Water System layouts
  • Typical Enlarged Diagram showing all the details of the plumbing accessories and connection to plumbing fixtures
  • Details and Schematics